Young Faces of PHACE

In 2016 we ran a PHACE young ambassadors programme…

Simon, a founding PHACE young ambassador has graduated with a First class honours degree in Architecture! A member who galvanised his friends together to join PHACE, requested to find a space where they could host a temporary exhibition - we guessed he was in his 20’s and were shocked when we first met this school boy!

Ellen, who joined us through Community Radio has secured a role with the BBC and was recently seen promoting talent on a tv advert!

Henry, who joined us for the Music Takeover events, still passionate about Country Music continues at Uni. He is thriving and has at least one CD out and is set for a great future.

Jack and Behrooz, both joined PHACE from Community Radio, start HE courses this month! - Jack with Confetti part of Nottingham Trent Uni and Behrooz off to Aberystwyth University

We are very proud of them and wait to hear from other members of that first cohort!

Faces of PHACE

PHACE wants to tell stories about young people who grew up in the city and have gone on to do creative things. Are you one of these people?

My name is Claire Ward. I grew up in Peterborough and now I am DIRECTOR OF AUDIENCES (CURVE). I lead the Communications, Sales, Fundraising and Programming departments ensuring audiences are positioned are the heart of everything we do. The highlight of my career has been seeing the success of Curve and knowing the part I played in that over the last seven years. I decided I wanted a career in the creative industries in year 9 or 10 but my career path was determined when choosing my degree course – Arts Management at De Montford University in Leicester.

My name is Gareth Prentice. I grew up in Peterborough and now I am working at as a Theatre Technician on the Magic Mike UK show direct from Las Vegas, having just finished doing Aladdin in the West End. The highlight of my career has been working as a technician on all the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. I decided theatre was the career for me in year 8.

My name is Nicole Lawrence. I grew up in Peterborough and now I am touring Europe with my own band. The highlight of my career was making the X Factor Judges Houses – I went to Simon Cowell’s – but I have done many things since then that pleased me much more. I was in year 10 when I decided I wanted to become a singer/performer.

My name is Gizz Butt. I grew up in Peterborough and now I’m the lead singer and guitarist in the punk band Janus Stark. We have recently been signed to Time and Matter Records and have a new album out. I used to play with The Prodigy and my career highlight is playing to 300,000 people in The Red Square in Moscow whilst having a Number 1 album in 38 countries at the same time. My early influences as a musician were bands I watched in Peterborough.

My name is Kaine Kulzak, my artist name is Korp. I was born in and lived in Peterborough up until a couple of years ago when I moved to Stamford, but I still work in Peterborough. I am a full time artist/ curator and have been for the last 13 years, I chose this career path when I was 30. My career highlight is a tie between solo shows at a street art gallery in Portsmouth, a group show in a gallery in Germany and featuring on the Culture Show on the BBC.