Benefits for Business Community

e believe that the personal qualities PHACE will encourage and support and the same ones that you would endorse in recruiting your workforce; Excellent communications skills;

  • Self-confidence and belief
  • Strong work ethic – staying power and the commitment to succeed
  • The ability to problem solve and think creatively
  • Team work  & the ability to collaborate
  • Leadership skills
  • Ambition
  • Sense of personal responsibility
  • Critical thinking combined with diplomacy
  • Entrepreneurship

How you might engage with PHACE?

  • We would encourage local business to support us both through the CSR route but also in potentially engaging with your work forces
  • There will be specific projects and initiatives to support and sponsor with the usual branding and hospitality opportunities
  • Working with PHACE could offer a business access to a group of young people who might form a focus group or who might be prepared to be consulted?
  • We have already met young people who are extremely entrepreneurial and who would very much appreciate the kind of advice or support that an established business might be able to offer?
  • The young people we work with will be the children of your employees, relatives of your local customers, and potentially future employees and future customers.