Environmental Policy

At PHACE we are committed to embedding environmental sustainability at the heart of our business, both in our own ethos and in our commercial interactions externally. As an organisation we intend to raise awareness in our audience and to lead by example so as to evidence sustainability and to position ourselves with a sound reputation in this area when it comes to unlocking funding from public sources.

Our business

PHACE is an organisation for young people from 5 – 19 years and, as such, the governance must act responsibly to reflect the current priorities in this important area of sustainability. The PHACE modus operandi is to work effectively with partners and collaborators sharing space and resources whenever appropriate to reduce costs and to maximise on the local assets.

PHACE has an office space within a building in the centre of Peterborough leased by Metal from Peterborough City Council. This reduces our impact on the environment, as this building is already being heated, maintained and serviced by that organisation.

Our impacts

We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our own activities, in particular those relating to:

·         Our travel and transport

·         Our office accommodation: energy (primarily from heating offices), water (used for the garden), and waste food (food waste deriving from office and          workshop catering);

·         Our office operations: paper, printing, IT.

Our commitments

We are committed to improving operational efficiency and reducing waste by:

·         Car sharing whenever possible and walking for local appointments

·         Reducing energy consumption through low energy lighting and ambient temperature;

·         Decreasing our number of hard copy printed flyers and recycling paper & cardboard

·         Communicating digitally wherever possible;

·         Recycling food waste

We are also committed to raising environmental awareness of our audience/participants through publically communicating our Environmental Policy and Action Plan.

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis at the end of our AGM by the Strategic Manager. The policy is supported by an Environmental Action Plan. Each year we update our action plan, based on our environmental monitoring and measurement, a review of progress against our action plan from the previous year and feedback from engaging with management, staff and other stakeholders. Our action plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, and approved by management.


This Environmental Policy is endorsed by:


PHACE Directors & Staff