The Peterborough Music Education Hub is dedicated to making an enjoyable and successful music education accessible to all young people. 

The Hub offers opportunities for children and young people to learn a musical instrument , opportunities to play in ensembles and to perform, and access to large scale and high quality music experiences for pupils, working with professional musicians and venues. They also offer CPD to school staff, particularly in supporting schools to deliver music in the curriculum and provide access to large scale and high quality music experiences for pupils, working with professional musicians and venues.

The Music Hub seeks to lift the barriers that arise through language, educational, social or cultural issues.
Peterborough Music Hub’s work is guided by The National Plan for Music Education 2011.

The plan states that:

“Children from all backgrounds and every part of England should have the opportunity:
to learn a musical instrument
to make music with others
to learn to sing
to have the opportunity to progress to the next level of excellence if they wish to.”


PHACE is a Peterborough Music Hub partner organisation and has delivered a range of projects on behalf of the Hub, including Takeover Days, Arts Week activities and the professional music industry programme for the Creative Zone at the 2017 Mission Possible Careers Show. PHACE also supports Arts Award projects for the Hub throughout the academic year.


Visit the Peterborough Music Hub website, or contact

Core Roles:

  • Ensure that every child aged 5 – 19 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes for ideally a year (but for a minimum of a term) of weekly tuition on the same instrument.
  • Provide opportunities to play in ensembles and to perform from an early stage.
  • Ensure that clear progression routes are available and affordable to all young people.
  • Develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choirs and other vocal ensembles are available in the area.

Extension Roles:

  • Offer CPD to school staff, particularly in supporting schools to deliver music in the curriculum.
  • Provide access to large scale and/or high quality music experiences for pupils, working with professional musicians and/or venues. This may include undertaking work to publicise the opportunities available to schools, parents/carers and students.

Opportunities for Peterborough’s young musicians have never been better and Peterborough Music Hub continues to work with music making organisations, schools and colleges across the city, providing training and performance events that support progression and develop skills.

The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of the city’s Music Strategy, working with professional musicians and experienced teachers to deliver expert tuition, mentoring and a network of music industry contacts.



Peterborough Music Hub works with many schools across the region and provides practical support and constructive advice on music provision within educational settings. 

Regular Music Coordinator’s meetings, an SEN Steering group, performance opportunities, instrument loan, whole class instrumental tuition, a registered music teacher scheme and CPD sessions are all offered through the Peterborough Music Hub across the year.

Peterborough Music Hub operates a Music Teacher registration scheme.  The scheme enables the Hub to signpost schools to high quality, recommended instrumental and vocal teachers. 

Find out more about the offer for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Instrument Loan scheme. 

Contact the Peterborough Music Hub’s Schools’ Manager:



Project Funding is available to schools and other groups within the local authority area providing music opportunities for young people.

A limited sum of money is available for innovative, energising and creative music projects, providing a lasting legacy for young people aged 5-19yrs, across the city.

The fund is capped at £2,000 per project and this can be used as match funding for larger projects with an outline budget.

Projects need to identify with one or more of our core or extension roles.

The Peterborough Music Hub team will evaluate and decide whether to make the award. The team will aim to return a decision within six weeks. However, in some circumstances it might be necessary to ask for further information.

Applications need to be submitted via email.  Forms are available to download.

In determining whether or not to provide grant funding for a project application, the Music Hub will decide how the application promotes the aims and objectives of Peterborough Music Hub and in particular the extent that the following criteria are met:

  • Priority/Criteria – (see application form)
  • Delivery of the core roles
  • Delivery of the extension roles
  • Promoting inclusion
  • Level of reach
  • Identified additional funding streams/in-kind funding
  • Working in partnership with other groups

Notes for applications:

  • Projects should offer excellence, clearly reinforcing Core and Extension roles.  
  • No funding is available for instruments.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically (using the form included on this page of the website).
  • We cannot fund projects that have already started.
  • There is a cap on Project Funding bids and all awards will be limited to a maximum of £2,000.

All organisations working with Peterborough Music Hub/PHACE must become PHACE members and agree to the terms in the standard partnership agreement document.  Completion of our Project Profile Form, Project Monthly Update Form (if applicable) and Project Evaluation Form (Final) will be required at the end of the project.

Deadlines and notification process:
This is now a rolling programme and we will assess monthly on application. The fund is limited and we will aim to distribute the funding evenly throughout the year.

The named person, representing the organisation on the application form, will be notified of the outcome of this consideration as soon as possible depending on the date of the next meeting of the Music Hub team.

Please note that on some occasions, funds for successful bids will be paid in two parts – with the balance paid on completion of the evaluation documentation.

All organisations who receive funding as a result of their application must adhere to the standard terms and conditions.