PHACE is a partnership of schools and arts and cultural organisations with a mission to develop a generation of culturally confident, active and knowledgeable young people. 

As a partnership, we are dedicated to

·         Encouraging young cultural leadership

·         Supporting, developing and commissioning events and activities which are young people led and focussed

·         Acting as a broker between arts and cultural organisations and schools

·         Creating opportunities for arts and cultural focussed professional development

We want to see more children and young people being creative and entrepreneurial, taking the lead and co-designing a highly visible cultural offer for the city. There should be an increase in children and young people taking part in arts and culture. When one third of Peterborough’s population is under 25, PHACE partners are actively working towards more activities designed for, by and with young people as well as a good flow of investment supporting this to happen. We also are working to make the current offer as visible and easy to access as possible using the PHACE brand.

We will do this through listening to children and young people, teachers and artists and are keen to grow and strengthen activities that are innovative and sustainable and projects that encourage schools and arts organisations to collaborate together. 

An independent not for profit company has been established with a small group of directors to support PHACE aims where appropriate. PHACE CiC enables additional investment to be secured when needed to support the aims of the network. 

PHACE partners believe that by encouraging closer collaboration between education providers, artists and cultural organisations and by developing a strong, active and confident group of young ambassadors, Peterborough young people can be the creators, artists and entrepreneurs of the future. 

Find out more about our current partner organisations; Festival Bridge, Peterborough Learning Partnership, Peterborough Music Hub, URock Theatre Company and Vivacity. Our thanks also go to all those – teachers and artists - who have been part of developing this vision for the city.

To get involved and become a PHACE partner, contact us here.




A series of developmental workshops on August 10th, 17th and 24th 2017



PHACE has 4 music Takeover projects currently live!  Working with 4 different groups in the city we are going to deliver some exciting work in the run up to Easter. One group plan an exhibition with a great music soundtrack to augment the visuals, another are going to take over the café/ bistro at the Allia Business Innovation Centre, a third will deliver an amazing music event in the café restaurant of the Key Theatre and our core PHACE group continue their relationship with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire offering comment , reportage and a new take on what it is to be talented in Peterborough.

For more detaisl watch this space and also check out IDEA1 website


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