PHACE is dedicated to helping Young People in Peterborough achieve their Arts Award. Whether they are discovering, exploring or earning 'medals', we are here to help them achieve this. 

The different stages to the Arts Award are:

- Discover + Explore
- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold

Each level grows in time and effort - the discover and explore can be done in a day, the rest are longer periods of time - and with that time and effort comes new skills and confidence. The gold even amounts to UCAS points! The point of the Arts Award is to keep kids creative, and reward them for it. Innovation needs imagination, so even if you dream of being a scientist you'll need to keep up with your creativity.

The best part is that it's most likely you'll already be doing everything you need for an Arts Award, it's just a case of putting it together and showcasing what you've done.

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